Week 70: Welcome Sabbath Morning!

Hey Family and Friends,
This week was full of miracles!

Zack is doing really well! We had a lesson with him this week with the Elders in Springfield. His mom is interested and so we took them over to meet her and invite her to church. Zack is excited for his baptism and so are we!
We have another investigator that we set a new baptism date with, his name is Chris. His date is Aug. 8. He’s doing pretty well! He came to church yesterday!
Church was an amazing experience. So we got a call on Saturday from President Shumway and he asked if he and Sister Shumway would be able to come to our sacrament meeting! We of course said yes and they were able to come and speak to us on their LAST Sunday in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission! They leave tomorrow and our new President and his wife. President and Sister Loveland, will be arriving! We had 4 investigators at church! And we got an awesome referral from Sister Shumway, they had talked to a girl in a restaurant the night before who was interested. Also an investigator who we haven’t seen in a while came and we are meeting with her again tonight. Plus we met an investigator this week that the elders have been teaching who’s YSA and she came! It was so amazing! We love the people we are teaching and we are excited for how well things are going.
So this is the last mission wide weekly goal that we are striving to hit. Doubling the standard of excellence! Which means that we need to get 40 lessons and 4 new investigators!
We got a new investigator this week and he is awesome! He’s Saomoan! He’s friends with the Elder’s Quorum President in our ward and he made dinner for us last night and we had an awesome lesson!
I love y’all and I will email more next week and tell you how this amazing next week of miracles goes!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

Week 69: I’m Thinking about Becoming Marmish

Hey Family and Friends,

Before you get too confused I will explain the email heading. We were at dinner last night with the Walentine family, He is the first counselor in the bishopric of the YSA. He is a  super funny guy! We were talking about the food and how he raised the beef that we were eating, then he started talking about how he made the plates and his kids hand painted them.. making a bunch of jokes. Then we started talking about the Amish and how if Mormon’s were Amish then we would have to be called Marmish! So I was thinking maybe I might try it, since missionary life is not too far off from it. We don’t have a car so that solves that problem. haha now we just have to buy a lot of candles and cook over a fire!
This week was super great!
I can’t remember if I mentioned last week but one of our investigators, Zack, has a baptism date!! He is getting baptized on July 18. We are super excited for him! He came to church yesterday for the first time! So many people in the ward know him already and he got to know a lot more yesterday! So we have been teaching him and his mom is also interested so when we go to our lesson on Wednesday we are taking the Elders and also the Relief Society president from the ward that she would be in. They are so awesome!! His mom’s brother is a member so Zack wants his uncle to baptize him!! He’s been reading the Book of Mormon and we also got him to start reading Preach My Gospel as well. He really loves learning and says that he feels peace when he meets with us and when he first walked into the building.
We have another investigator who we just set a baptism date with. His name is Ramiro. He has been gone since I’ve been here. He is in Kansas working right now but is coming back the first week in July. So we have been having lessons with him over the phone. He is super awesome! Last week we talked about the Holy Ghost and the way to receive answers and he told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true. This week we talked about Enduring to the End and the Temple and he really liked learning about the temple. He knew a lot about it before we talked about it. It was really cool.
We taught a new investigator this week. This was the second lesson that we’ve had with him. His name is Hunter and we weren’t sure how interested he really was at first. But he was a lot more open this time and he hadn’t done the reading we gave him so he wanted us to read with him. Then we had a really good lesson about prophets and Jesus Christ. He wasn’t able to come to church this week because he had to work but he’s planning on it in the future!
Our investigator pool has been dropping because of crazy things that keep happening. But no fear! We are finding more!! Yesterday we went and visited a member couple who just got married and moved into the home ward, we went over with them to their neighbor’s house and set an appointment to go back and see them so that is exciting! We have a lot of awesome lessons set up for this next week and know it will be a fantastic week!
We have been meeting a lot of less actives and it’s been pretty good. We got a sheet from one of our members that is really cool and we are going to start giving it to less actives. It is a goal sheet where we set a date for them to become active, then they have to check of boxes for different things, like coming to church 4 weeks in a row, meeting with the bishop, interviewing for a temple recommend, doing family history, things like that. It’s really neat!!
I gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament on Father’s Day! When they gave me the assignment I realized that I had also talked on Mother’s Day, which was my first Sunday here, so I introduced myself basically, So apparently Heavenly Father is trying to tell me something!! haha Speaking on Mother’s and Father’s Day. I was given the topic of Fathers and how that relates to Missionary Work. It was really cool to see how in the scriptures what advice fathers give to their sons who are on missions or going to go. It was an awesome topic to study. I talked about how Dad has helped me on my mission and I shared the story about how Dad wants to teach the King of Tonga, everyone really liked that! 🙂
That’s it for this week!! I love y’all and miss you!!
Hurrah for Israel!!
Sister Moon
Pictures from the last 3 weeeks

Week 68: And then there were 25!

Dear Family and Friends,

This weeks goal was to reach 20 lessons. and we were able to teach 25 lessons! It was so amazing! We have been struggling with getting lessons since I’ve been here since the transition between school and summer has been so crazy with people being super busy with their new summer classes and jobs. But now things have settled down and we were able to finally teach some people!!!!! 🙂
Next week should be super great too! We are working on getting more investigators to come to church! We are excited for the results that come from our efforts!
Last Monday we went BOWLING!! It was super fun! We went with 2 members and 2 recent converts. It was awesome! I got a 112 and a 109. So I think I’ve still got it! So watch out! Next New Years I think I will have to challenge everyone to a dual!! :):)
This week has been super good with less active finding and teaching. We’ve finally been able to see some that we have been trying to contact for a while but they just haven’t been home. There are a lot of them who really want to come back to church. It’s really amazing how they just feel like something is missing in their lives and they want to change and see the need for the gospel in their lives.
I love the members here so much! I am starting to forget what it’s like to not have members with us 24/7 It’s really amazing how willing they are to come with us and they are so excited about doing missionary work. It makes us want to work harder too!
I love y’all! Sorry we didn’t have much time because of Caving!! We just went with two zones and then after we had a fish fry at bishop’s lodge. It was super fun and we were sooo soo muddy! It was a blast!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
Pictures next week when I have my cord.

Week 67: Look for the Miracles!

Hey Family and Friends,

This week was awesome!! We had a Recent convert move into our ward this week. She went to the temple with us last Saturday. Her name is Serena and she’s awesome!! She has come with us to lessons two times this week. She’s super solid!
We’ve been able to meet with quite a few less actives this week, which has been awesome!! One we did some service for, his sister is active and he wants to come back to church! Another is dating a semi active member and they made us dinner this week. They are both super awesome and hilarious. They weren’t able to come to church this week cause she was sick and he had to work. But next week they should both be there. The last one we visited last night right before we went in for the night. He said he wants to come back to church and that he wants to do Family History. And wouldn’t you know it, we had our family history consultant and elders quorum president with us. It was super awesome! We are meeting with him this week and he should be coming to church this week!
We had a couple good lessons with our investigator Chris and he now has a baptism date!!! For the 27 of June! We are super excited for him. He really wants to be baptized and change his life.
We contacted a referral on Saturday who is so awesome!!! But…. she has a husband and 2 kids. So we can’t teach her. NO! But regardless, it was a great lesson and the Elders in Marshfield are going to start teaching her. She’ll be super great!
We have to go! Sorry it’s short! We are going bowling with some members in our ward. I am finally somewhere where we can do fun things on Preparation days!
I love Y’all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

Week 66: May Showers Bring June Flowers?

Hey Family and Friends,

It has been crazy raining this week almost every day it has rained at some point during the day. But it has been wonderful! We are really loving the rain… and the nice members who drive us around so we don’t get drenched.
This week has been fantastic! Our mission wide goal this week was 100% member Present Lessons. So we have had members with us all day every day! It’s been supr fun and so great to get to know our members better. This week we want to keep that a thing and every week after.
We were able to go to the temple on Saturday!! It was so much fun and was super spiritual. 4 of the ward’s recent converts went to the temple and it was amazing! We were able to talk and laugh and sing hymns up there and on the way back. It was so great! Our recent converts are getting really excited about Family History so it’s been really neat to work on it with them. One brought family names to the temple and I was able to do the Initiatory for her. It was really awesome!
We were on an exchange with our Relief Society president this week and we went and heart attacked a member who has been struggling and she came to church yesterday it was so awesome!! And she’s dating a less active who wants to take the lessons and come back to church so that is super exciting. We are planning on going to heart attack other sisters in the ward with her again! It was super fun and it really made an impact! I love that the simple things we do to show love to people goes such a long way. Truly “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.”
We went to go see two investigators that we haven’t had contact with in a while and they were actually home and we were able to have awesome lessons with them! They both said they were going to be at church… and they didn’t show up. BUT we will get them next week! We were able to bring another investigator tho. We walked to her house and then walked with her to church. It was super good.
I love it here so much! I’ve already made life long friends here. I don’t know how any missionary can leave this area. I think I may have to just refuse to leave when they want to transfer me. 🙂 I hope that I will be able to stay here for the rest of my mission. Transfer calls is in 2 weeks so we will know then if they can keep us or not.
I love ya’ll!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

Our Zone
Making Breakfast before the temple trip. Kaylynn, Ki and me
Car ride
We’re here!
Recent convert Mike
Mike, Seth and Ki & us
us 🙂
The whole group!

Week 65: It’s Always Good Weather!

Hey Family and Friends,

Yesterday was pretty awesome! We had some great lessons after church. Then we had dinner with the Robinson family. They have 2 kids in the YSA and they have tons of kids and relatives in town this week because of a wedding this week. It was super great. It reminds me a lot of our family. They had dinner at the church cause there were so many of them. Kids running around! It was great! I loved it! Then after dinner we went tracting in the rain! We were drenched. A member came with us and it was a guy so he couldn’t drive us around so we just walked around when it was pouring. People looked at us like we were super strange. But it was a cool experience. We got a couple people that we are going back to . There’s a talk in the packet that President Shumway gave us all on the first day that we came to the mission that talks about how it’s always good weather no matter what. So even if it’s cold or wet and rainy it’s good weather cause people are more likely to let you in if you are standing on their porch like a wet dog. haha WE got invited in but couldn’t cause there wasn’t another girl, but still! It was awesome!
We found a new investigator this week. She is from China and her name is Tracy. We tracted into her last week but she was studying for finals so she said that we should come back another time. We went to go see her and she was getting out of the car when we pulled up. So we talked to her for a little bit and then walked to her apartment with her. We showed her the Because He Lives video and she loved it. She talked about how her mom had taught her to always be nice to others and to believe in Christ. It is really cool to see how she is prepared. She said that she wants to come to church and to take the lessons as well.
We were contacting some less actives and we went to this one house. The mom is a less active and her daughter was the one we were trying to contact. We found out that the daughter didn’t actually live there but was just visiting her mom when we showed up on their door. It was definitely a miracle. We had a really good discussion with them and the mom said that she has been thinking a lot about going back to church, so we gave the Elders her number and they are going to help her get back into church. The daughter also said that she would think about coming back to church and she was not even really interested in talking to us or even thinking about going back. Heavenly Father softens hearts! It’s amazing!
We have done a lot of walking this week and mostly because of our lack of planning…. and that everyone is working full time now that school is out. We thought that we had a ride to this dinner appointment a ways from our apartment but we actually didn’t so we were fast walking for about 15 minutes trying to get there. Another time we couldn’t find a member to come with us so we looked up less actives who live close to us and just walked to them all. Then one of our members was sick and cancelled so we found some potentials and formers to contact, then the tracting in the rain! So it has been a fun adventure this week, but it’s also been good. I feel like i know my way around a little bit better from walking everywhere.
I love y’all~
Hurrah For Israel
Sister Moon

Week 64: Great Week in Springfield!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was pretty great! I’m finally getting used to the area and getting to know everyone here. It is such a great ward!
We found out last week that the mission home is being moved to Bentonville, Arkansas. And the name of the mission is being changed. Our mission will now be called the Arkansas Bentonville Mission. When the new mission president comes in, July 1 is when it will officially changed. The boundaries are not being changed or anything like that. Just the name and the mission home, so I’ll be flying home out of Bentonville so that will be weird! It will be really nice though cause the misison president will be a lot closer and it will help him move around the mission more easily.
This week we had Stake Conference and it was so great. I got to see all of the members that I love in Marshfield since I got transferred back into their stake. I really loved Stake Conference! They talked a lot about ministering and councils. They had a family demonstrate a family council and it was so cute. They are a cool family, two of their kids are in the YSA ward and they come out with us all the time. Their boys are named, Amalaki, Nephi, Helaman, Teancum… I can’t remember the rest but it’s pretty cool!
We picked up an investigator we are working with on the way to stake conference and had a lesson with him in the car afterwards, we talked about stake conference and about the temple, which is something that they talked about too. He has gone to the temple before and walked around the temple grounds. He talked about how he felt so peaceful at the temple and how he wants to go back. Then we invited him to be baptized so that he can go back and he said yes. So he is praying about a date he can be baptized. We are super excited for him. He’s had a rough life but he said he can feel the difference when he goes to church and that he feels happier.
Monday nights we get to go to FHE and then we play volleyball after. It’s so awesome! It’s a super great tool for reactivation and fellowshiping investigators.
We went on splits on Wednesday and I was with Ciara. She’s the girl who’s turned in her papers and will be leaving in about a week to go to Bear Lake so she comes out with us as often as she can. Anyways we tried to visit a few people but they weren’t home so Ciara said that she wanted to go tracting. So we went across the street from the institute and tracted a couple doors. There was a super cute chinese family who let us in, and then we met two girls from India who are going to school here. We showed them the Because He Lives video and invited them to church (which is right across the street from their apartment) and they said they would definitely come! So they should be coming next Sunday since it was Stake Conference this week.
We had exchanges this week. I was here in Springfield with SIster Oliva. Ciara came out with us all day too. It was super fun. We went tracting again and had some really good lessons. We met a Less active who is coming back to activity and he’s so nice. He offered to come on exchanges with us and he was at Stake conference too.
We got a ride from a member and her less active friend, to switch back after exchanges. He’s so funny and super nice. We texted the member after and she said he hadn’t been to church in 10 years but that he was working on coming back. Hopefully we will be able to set an appointment soon. He’s super awesome and needs to be in church. He’s so outgoing and i can see him being a great help to the ward!
Sunday after stake conference we went to the institute and made lunch for a bunch of people and had a great lesson with Michael a recent convert. He’s so awesome! We talked about Family History and he’s super excited to start doing it. He is excited to go to the temple. We have a trip coming up on May 30! I’m so stoked!! I love the temple!
I really need to start taking more pictures! I promise next week I will have some!
I love y’all and miss you!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Much love, Sister Moon
Sister Oliva, Me and Ciara
Our Zone

Week 63: Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey Family and Friends,
It was so great to talk to Mom and Dad. The rest of you can see me 4 months from now. Crazy how time flies!
This week was pure crazy! So Monday night after Sister Alverson and I got home from our Zone outing which was really fun, We played kick ball and frisbee and just talked to the other missionaries. Anyway, after we got home we got a call from President Shumway saying that Sister Alverson was also leaving Harrison and two new sisters were coming in. So the rest of the week was just us saying goodbye to everyone and making sure that we had everything ready for the new sisters. It was super hard saying goodbye to everyone because I loved them all so much.
My companion Sister Barrett is from Highland Utah. She is 26. She went to college at BYU. She’s a little quirky but super sweet and so loving!
So starting Thursday I’ve just been meeting people and trying to get to know the area. Also trying to get used to walking everywhere since we don’t have a car. But members help us out a lot here so that’s really helpful. Plus we have a lot of lessons in the Institute building.
We have 4 investigators with a baptism date right now and we are working with about 6 plus recent converts who are super awesome and solid! We went on exchanges with one of them named Mike he got baptized last Saturday, and had one of the best lessons on my mission I think. Sister Wallentine, who’s husband is in the bishoprick, sat in on the lesson too. She served her mission in the OTM too. She is super awesome at teaching and helped me learn a ton too. We had Mike teach us the Plan of Salvation. It was so good! He is talking about going on a mission when his year is up so we are helping him learn how to teach. It was an amazing lesson!
There’s a member who has come on exchanges twice so far, Ciera and she just barely turned in her mission papers, so we are going to try and get permission for her to come and stay with us for a night so she can see what the schedule is like and everything. So that should be really fun!
I actually know quite a bit of people in this ward. Because I’ve served most of my mission in Missouri I know YSA’s from Ava and Marshfield. Also Sarah my recent convert in Marshfield who got baptized in January might start coming to the ward so that will be cool to see her.
Yesterday was pretty awesome because there was a lady that walked into the church and wanted to talk to someone about the church. She said she has known members all her life and wanted to learn more. She said that she has seen the corruption in other churches and wants to know what we believe. She is in her 50s so we won’t be teaching her but we are going to go to a lesson with the elders so that we can hand her off to them but it was amazing to see how the Lord is preparing people.
I’ve met a whole bunch of awesome people and I am super excited to be serving here!
Our Bishop spoke yesterday on Mother’s Day and he talked about honoring our parents. He said that a way that we can honor our parents is be bringing them honor. I loved how he said that. It brought more meaning to that commandment. He talked about how we can bring honor not only to our earthly parents but to our heavenly parents. Thank you Mom for raising me so well! I hope that I bring you honor! I love you so much and I am so grateful for all that you have done. I am grateful for you faithfulness to the gospel and that you are serving a mission with me. Not everyone can say their mom went with them on their misison! I’m so grateful for your example to me in the way that you serve your mission! I want to be just like you!! I love you!!
I love y’all and miss you!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
Watching Meet the Mormons at the Goyettes their son fell asleep in that position. It was hilarious!
Our district
Bailee and Konner
The Goyettes
Bishop Jenkins and his wife
The Duckers
Me and Sister Barrett

Week 62: Springfield YSA!

Hey Family and Friends!

Guess what I am getting transferred again! I am going to Springfield Missouri in the YSA branch..or ward I’m not sure which. And I will be with Sister Barrett. I’ve met her a couple of times before. I’m super excited. It’s been one of my dreams to serve in a YSA ward since the beginning of my mission so it will be fun.

     My new address is: 528 E. Harrison Street Apt #7, Springfield Mo, 65806

Last week we went on Exchanges on Tuesday. I was in Ozark with Sister Oliva. It was really fun! We did a lot of service and saw some recent converts and and investigator.

We had an awesome lesson with Cameron. He is so close!! He said that he believes that it’s true he just doesn’t know it yet. But we brought a member who has only been a member for about 5 years. and she is awesome!! She answered all of his questions and had the same concerns he has it was awesome!!

We had a lot of good lessons yesterday too. We set two baptism dates! Bailee and Konner are grandkids of less active members that we have taught a couple times. We had a great lesson and then invited them to be baptized in August which will probably move up at some point. So I definitely want to go back for it. I will only be about an hour away from Harrison! 🙂 And I want to come back when Cameron get baptized too!!

I love the people here and I’m really sad to leave but I am excited for the adventures that await in the YSA! It will be very different from all the wards I’ve been in and I’m sad there won’t be any kids there but it will be a lot of fun! OH and I forgot to mention that I’m in a walking area! I will be in shape and tan!! Wooo! hhaha

We had a good lesson with the Behymers too. We did the cup display and it was really awesome. They want to find a church to go to but they aren’t ready to come yet. But I think this weeks lesson helped a lot!

I love y’all!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

Week 61: Busy Week!

Hey Family and Friends,
This week has kinda been all over the place. We found out last Monday that we had a surprise mini Zone Conference. So we had to get a ride really quick for Friday. We went to Springfield on Friday for that and Saturday for Stake Conference and Sunday again for Stake Conference. And we were supposed to go to Springfield again today for a combined Zone Outing. We were going to go caving! But it got cancelled this morning. But I am going to Ozark tonight for Exchanges with Sister Oliva.

So we’ve done a lot of traveling this week. Springfield is about an hour and a half away so we’ve spent a lot of time in the car, which always stinks cause it takes time away from seeing people.

We got to watch Meet the Mormons with 2 people this week. We borrowed it from a member to take to their daughter so we were able to watch it with our investigator Shelby and with the Goyettes.

Stake Conference was centered a lot on the family. It went along with the theme of General Conference. They talked about Family History and teaching children at home, talking about what they learned in Sunday School. It was really good.

Sorry there wasn’t a whole lot of interesting things that happened this week that are worth mentioning. Just teaching the gospel like usual! 🙂

I love y’all!

Hurrah for Israel
Sister Moon